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Participant Weigh-In Guidelines

Please Read Closely & Adhere to These Regulations!


WEIGHT ALLOWANCE  { .2 lbs. allowed for singlet }

Weight allowance differs between tournaments AND age group divisions – check online tournament information.

Those with an ongoing skin condition must bring the official NFHS form (above) signed by a doctor.

SAVE TIME - Clip your fingernails in advance! Nails should be short enough to not be felt when you push in on the finger end. 

Wrestlers are not allowed to perform weight loss activities anywhere in the weigh-in or mat area. To do so may jeopardize your participation in the event.

WEIGH-IN ATTIRE – Boys & Girls

  • Wear your wrestling gear either a singlet or a two-piece compression shirt and shorts. Shorts must be tight-fitting, without pockets.
  • Tights or tight-fitting leggings allowed for competition, not weigh in. Long-sleeved shirts must be approved by the trainer for a medical condition (do not wear to weigh in).
  • Do not report in underwear or a sports bra!
  • BOYS: Remove your singlet straps or take off the two-piece shirt for skin check. Replace to weigh in.
  • GIRLS: Leave your singlet or two-piece uniform in place for skin check. Do NOT remove your straps.
  • NEW NFHS UNIFORM GUIDELINES: " All contestants wearing a one-piece singlet shall wear a suitable undergarment that completely covers the buttocks and groin area. Female wrestlers wearing a one-piece singlet shall wear a form-fitted compression undergarment that completely covers their breasts."


  • Each athlete must be checked for communicable diseases before s/he is allowed to participate.
  • If you have skin condition which has been treated by a medical professional, you must present this documentation to the official conducting weigh-ins. (Form is posted under Rules > Weigh-Ins.)
  • The official will record the names of all individuals who have skin question concerns.
  • The athlete may still be required to have a trainer evaluate and cover a present condition.
  • The Head Official and the trainer have the authority to declare any athlete unable to participate.
  • Please cut your fingernails in advance of weigh-ins.Athletes may still be asked to trim nails on site.
  • All special equipment should be brought to weigh-ins for inspection and approval by an official.


  • Adults may accompany athletes to the skin check area.
  • Only adults with a 6U or 8U wrestler may accompany the athlete to the weigh-in scale.
  • No adults for 10U and older wrestlers are allowed in the weigh-in area.No exceptions!


  • No exercising directly in the vicinity of weigh-ins or in view of athletes lined up to weigh in.
  • No running, horseplay, or wrestling in the weigh-in area at any time.
  • Wrestlers enter through the skin check area and exit through the scales (not return the same way).
  • Wrestlers should weigh in with a singlet on; no on-site stripping down to change into a singlet.
  • Male wrestlers take straps down for skin check, then put the straps back up to weigh in.
  • Female wrestlers leave singlet in place and lift hair off back of the neck for official inspection.
  • Mouthpieces for braces and hairnets are highly recommended for safety though not required.


  • There is a weight check scale in the weigh-in area.
  • If you are overweight, leave the area to exercise.If an official observes an athlete engaged in weight loss activity, by NFHS rule s/he has the authority to disqualify the wrestler.
  • If the wrestler does not make weight, s/he may weigh in on a 2nd scale.
  • If a wrestler leaves the weigh-in area to make weight, s/he must take the registration form and return before the close of weigh-ins.
  • If a wrestler does not make the intended weight class, s/he may elect to weigh in for a higher weight class (for no additional charge).