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REGISTRATION & FEES:  Please review each of the tournament pages for the registration fee.  Online registration is Tuesday by midnight prior to each scheduled event, no exceptions. Check for earlybird savings when applicable. Confirmation WILL NOT be given by phone. Those who register online will receive a receipt when you pay via Track Wrestling.  RMN Events does not charge extra for insurance at any of our events.

REGISTRATION CHANGES:  RMN Event's new tournament registration system now allows registrants the convenience of making weight changes for registered wrestlers up until the registration deadline. You must use the password you registered with, and the invoice number you received at the time you registered, in order to access your registration.

LATE REGISTRATIONS:  Registrations after deadline are assessed additional fees.  We encourage you to register before the deadline to save yourself time and money.  Late registration is only available at select events.  If the event is sold out early, there will be no opportunity to register late.  NOTE: Registering after the deadline may cause us to create a new bracket, thus awards may or may not display a specific age & weight.  This may also apply to wrestlers that are challenged with being very light or heavy.

WEIGH-INS:  Wrestlers are required to weigh in with a singlet.  Wrestlers receive a .2 tenth allowance for singlets at weigh-ins. If you have a current skin condition for which you have been medically cleared, please bring the doctor's note to weigh-ins.  However, the weigh-in official has the final determination on whether a skin condition is noncontagious, thereby allowing the athlete to participate.  While there are no hair restrictions, facial hair must not pose a hazard to other competitors.  Please cut your fingernails to appropriate length prior to weigh-ins (you should not be able to feel the edge when you press in at the fingertip).

WEIGHT CHANGES:  Allowed ONLY before the tournament registration deadline, which is Tuesday at midnight prior to the event date.  Please make the weight for which you register.

WEIGHT ALLOWANCE:  If granted, it will be on a tournament specific basis.  See the tournament site for details.

WEIGHT INSURANCE:  $5.00 weight insurance is available as an "add-on" during registration for each RMN Event. By electing to purchase weight-insurance, IF your wrestler misses weight, s/he will not be charged an extra fee.

In an effort to start all of our scheduled events on time, we encourage all wrestlers to make their pre-registered weight; by doing so, the event will start on time.  Smaller tournaments can afford to make changes, have a later start time, and still finish early.  Our tournaments have anywhere from 800-2500 wrestlers, thus the options are limited in order to finish at a decent hour for out-of-state attendees.

PROOF OF AGE:  State-issued BIRTH CERTIFICATE or the most current REPORT CARD required in case of protest.  Additionally, the 18-&-Under age group requires that you are a high school eligible wrestler.  The fee to file an age group protest is $25; it will be refunded if the protest prevails.


BRACKETS:  Will be posted on the wall on the first day of scheduled events.  Your best access to brackets is at; online brackets are updated as soon as results are entered. 

RMN Events does our best to not allow 2-man brackets; therefore, expect your wrestler to be combined in this circumstance.  We also do not award trophies or medals to those wrestlers who are moved up or down to create a new weight bracket.

DOUBLE BRACKETING:  Double Bracketing is allowed in same age group or an older age group.  For Example:  8 & Under 54 lbs. & 58 lbs. or 8 & Under 54 & 10 & Under 53 lbs.  If you double bracket, the 15-minute rest period does not apply.

COMBINED WEIGHTS:  RMN Events reserves the right to combine weights.  If the wrestlers also want to combine weights, we will do our best to accommodate them.  If weights are combined, RMN Events does not give 1st Place award to a wrestler who was moved to next weight. Wrestlers must take 1st Place in their respective weight class in order to receive a 1st Place award.


COACHES PASSES:  Coaches receive (1) coaching pass for every 5 wrestlers that are pre-registered and legitimate team members (the wrestlers practice with the team at least 3-days per week).  The coaches & the person performing the registration have the responsibility to ensure proper credit for the coach bands.   Important note:  Coaches may only pick up their free bands at weigh-ins.  If you do not pick up your free bands at weigh-ins, the bands will be forfeited.  No free bands will be offered on competition day.  Individual coaches may purchase a pass online, weigh-ins or at the door.  Coaches receiving complimentary passes must qualify with pre-registered teams. 

REGISTRATION PROCESS:  No recruiting wrestlers to join your team at weigh-ins.  Coaches are strongly encouraged to have a copy of their original pre-registration of team wrestlers and will need to show I.D. in order to pick up their coach band(s).  Wrestlers who pre-register and do not identify a team name will be considered Independent. Changes to team names cannot be made after tournament deadlines.


REST PERIOD:  Fifteen-minute (15) rest period between matches will be honored.  Referees will check hair, skin and fingernails.  Those who choose to double-bracket do not get a 15-minute break.

REQUIRED GEAR:  Headgear and singlets are REQUIRED.  Mouthpieces for braces and secured shoelaces are strongly recommended but not required.  If there is an OPEN division, headgear is optional in this group only.

RULES:  Modified National Federation High School Rules apply.  (See documents posted under Rules for Referees.)

HEAD INJURIES:  It is the coach's responsibility (or parent/adult at mat side) to make a determination of whether or not a wrestler continues to compete once a head injury has occurred.  If a wrestler returns to action after a head injury, either the coach or referee can terminate the match at any time if signs and symptoms continue or worsen.

CHALLENGE FLAG & VIDEO REVIEW:  *PLEASE REVIEW ENTIRE PROCEDURE POSTED IN THIS SECTION.*  We offer $25 for 1 flag - No refunds. You can only have 1 flag in your possession at any time. IN ORDER TO CHALLENGE A CALL, YOU MUST ALREADY HAVE A FLAG.  (You cannot buy a flag once the match has started, and you cannot borrow a flag from another person.) 

  • Only one flag per match - if you lose your call, you may purchase another flag for a later match. 
  • If the call is in your favor, you may continue using the same RMN Challenge flag. 

All flags can be used at any RMN Tournament where video review is available.  To purchase a challenge flag, please visit the Xtreme Pro Apparel booth.


TOURNAMENT INFORMATION (also see Age & Weight Section)


  • Age Groups 6 & 8-&-Under:  1–1–1
  • Age Groups 10, 12, & 15-&-Under:  1.5–1.5–1.5
  • Age Group 18-&-Under:  1.5 – 1.5 – 1.5 
  • Open Division:  1.5 – 1.5 – 1.5
  • Consolation:  1st Period - 30 seconds less than in the championship bracket.

GIRLS DIVISION:  Offered at the following events:

  • Cosmic Clash
  • Freakshow
  • Monster Match
  • Who's Bad?
  • USA Folkstyle Showcase
  • Rumble in Reno
  • Rocky Mountain Nationals
  • Aztec Warrior Championships

OPEN DIVISION ELIGIBILITY:  Any wrestler who has graduated high school, or is currently in high school but ineligible to wrestle, may enter the open division.  If you are not in high school or not eligible to wrestle due to age in high school, you must enter the Open Division.

Offered at the following events:

  • Monster Match
  • Who's Bad?
  • Terminator
  • Rocky Mountain Nationals
  • Aztec

DUAL TEAM TOURNAMENT:  Middle School & High School ONLY.  Our goal is to offer at least each of the teams a minimum of four duals on the Friday of Rocky Mountain Nationals.  Please refer to the scheduled times for weigh-ins.

MIDDLE SCHOOL TOURNAMENTS:  A middle school wrestler must be in the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade to compete in this tournament.  He or she will only have 3 years of eligibility to compete in the Colorado Middle School State Championships.  DOUBLE ELIMINATION FORMAT.  (See Middle School Section for more detail.)

True Middle School Team Award - All middle schools wrestlers are from one middle school.
All-Star Team Award - More than one middle school is represented on one team.  Coaches may enter a middle school team that consists of more than one middle school, but this will constitute an All-Star team.

INSURANCE (Please read full page Insurance Section.)

LIABILITY & CONSENT: I hereby authorize Rocky Mountain Nationals, Inc. to act according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention and release Rocky Mountain Nationals, Inc. and its entire staff from liability for any illness or injury incurred at the Rocky Mountain National Events.

Be certain to enter at a listed weight class for the age group.  If the weight entered is not a listed weight class, the wrestler will be entered in the next highest weight class.  Entrant may enter only one (1) age group and weight class.  A wrestler's age may be challenged. It is the wrestler's responsibility to provide a valid state issued BIRTH CERTIFICATE if requested.  Failure to provide a valid state issued BIRTH CERTIFICATE will result in a forfeit.  The fee to file an age group protest is $25.00. If the challenge proves an incorrect age and age group, the fee will be returned.

Certain promotional and educational materials in the form of still photography sound recordings and video images will be captured and/or recorded during the course of the Rocky Mountain Nationals Tournaments and are the exclusive property of the tournament and its assigns.  Your participation in the tournament releases to the tournament, the use of any and all images recorded during the event for promotional, educational or commercial use.