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Newly Designed Tri-State Belt Awaits the Champions

By Associated Wrestling Press, 09/26/18, 5:00PM MDT


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RMN Tri-State Belt – TOTAL OF (3) RMN EVENTS

Wrestlers must choose from one of the following buckets to win a Tri-State Belt:

  1.  Cosmic Clash, NM Showdown, Aztec
  2.  Cosmic Clash, Rumble in Reno, Terminator
  3.  Freak Show, Monster Match, Who's Bad?
  4.  Freak Show, USA Showcase, US Nationals
  5.  Monster Match, USA Showcase, Rumble in Reno
  6.  Who’s Bad?, Wild West, Rocky Mountain Nationals
  7.  Who’s Bad?, NM Showdown, Wild West
  8.  Terminator, Rocky Mountain Nationals, Aztec
  9.  Aztec, US Nationals, Most Wanted
  10.  Monster Match, Who's Bad? Mt. Rushmore Mayham


Good luck this season! Visit our site for rules and additional information