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Richie: For the Love of Wrestling

By Bill X. Barron, 03/30/18, 12:15AM MDT


Gifted & Talented in Athletics - Academics

Richie Flores Jr.: For the Love of Wrestling

By Janet LaFebre, Mother

Richie Flores Jr. started wrestling at the young age of 4.  At his first national tournament two years ago at Who’s Bad, he went 2 and out.  Last year he took 6th in the Rocky Mountain National Championships.  This year he has really shown his love for the sport of wrestling through his success on the mat.  In 2017-18, Richie is a 7-time national champ of Big Horn, Cosmic Clash, Freak Show, Who’s Bad, Wild West, Terminator, and Rocky Mountain Nationals.  This season he earned the Golden Gear, Ring of Fame, Tri-State Belt, World Belt, Triple Crown, the 1st-place trophies, adn two Outstanding Wrestler awards.  Competitively, Richie participates on two teams:  Adams City for local events and Pomona Elite for national tournaments.

From the beginning, Richie has been inspired by his coach/godfather Joe Guerrero, who is a local MMA fighter.  Richie has grown up in the gym with Joe since he started walking.  Not just an athlete, but also a very smart young boy, Richie is enrolled in the gifted and talented program in school.  While just in Kindergarten, he reads and does math at the 1st-grade level.  Richie has a little sister who looks up to him and wants to follow in his footsteps. His father Richard Flores Sr. and I are very proud of Richie in every way and cannot wait to see what his future will be like.

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