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Golden Eagle Gage Sets No Limits on Success

By Bill X. Barron, 03/24/18, 1:00AM MDT


Gage Enjoys New Challenges!


No Limits on Success – By Gage

At first, I was really never interested in wrestling; actually, I was forced into it by my dad, because I needed to do a sport for the off-season of motocross.  Family is from Minnesota and many relatives had wrestled, including my father.  Though I was not really big on losing at first, once I mastered the sport, I could then focus on the future.  Now 4 years into the sport, I plan to compete for Elizabeth High School next year.  I also play football and weight train, as well as compete in motocross, which helps with endurance.

Through wrestling, I have learned that sometimes no matter how hard you work or train that there may always be someone better then you and to never underestimate your competitor.  My dad is one of my coaches and helps teach and support me ... he is supportive but pressuring because he knows what’s best.  My mom is always at my tournaments as well, providing healthy meals and snacks during the week before my tournaments and weigh-ins, so that I can make weight.  My parents also pay for all my tournaments and out-of-state tournaments.  My friend Cameron and I work out during the off-season and my sister helps me stay healthy by training and eating the right stuff. 

My father and my coach head coach, Scott McDoniel, have been my biggest supporters.  They have taught me so much from wrestling and to better myself as a person.  Coach Scott has helped me control my emotions when I win and lose.  Coach Scott holds us to high standards; if we don’t have good grades, he won’t let us wrestle.  My goal is to hopefully get a scholarship and wrestle in college. 

Coach Gary Bond (nickname Garbear) has been there throughout all my wrestling and has provided the fun part of wrestling; I can always joke and mess around with him.  Coach Adam Carey has taught me patience and brings a sense of calmness during my matches.  Wrestling has molded me by showing me how to be more forceful and being the first to attack.  On and off the mat, the sport has taught me patience.

Wrestling has made me focus more on school; I am more passionate about both academics and athletics.  I work on remaining eligible to wrestle.  The sport is rewarding because it helps me learn more and the competition is different every time I wrestle.  While tough, it’s enjoyable because I get to wrestle all over and in multiple states.  It's challenging because I have to go up against good wrestlers and focus on my moves more.

I have been there since the Golden Eagles Club began; now I see my role is help kids be more focused, to work hard while still having fun.  To those just starting out, I would advise them to never give up no matter how hard it may seem at first or how intense it is for you.  While I don't think I have any coaching aspirations, I would like to go back into the wrestling room when I get my license; then I will drive up to a practice.  I will speak to the wrestlers about what I learned and thank my coaches for all they have done for me.

Golden Eagle Club CO - Gage Friedrichs (Center-Champ) with Coaches - Dad-Asst Rick, Asst. Adam Cary, Head Scott McDoniel, Asst. Gary Bond