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Idaho Adds Depth to Dual Teams

By Steve McNulty, 03/07/18, 2:45PM MST


Idaho loaded and ready...


One-Year Old Team Making A Lot of Noise

As a father of four, I know how much noise a one-year old can make. However, there is a new one-year old team out of Blackfoot, Idaho making a different kind of noise at RMN Events. Although the team has only been in existence for one year, they are ready for the big stage at the Rocky Mountain Nationals.

The team is called Triple Threat Wrestling, and their first big tournament was at the Rumble in Reno where amidst some very tough competition they placed in the top 6 of all the teams that attended the event. They say that the first step is always the hardest, so with that step out of the way and doing very well with it, Team Triple Threat taking the second step as they prepare to make some more noise at the Rocky Mountain Nationals March the 17th & 18th.

Triple Threat Wrestling, named for their ability to wrestle Greco, Freestyle, and Folkstyle, is coached by Eddy Card, Joey Vail, and Alfonso Hernandez, these strong coaches teach not only how to effectively wrestle, but they also teach core issues that will help their wrestlers succeed both on and off the mat such as morals and values, good citizenship, and self-autonomy. Their combined coaching philosophy is laying the groundwork for their core values as a team.

The town of Blackfoot, ID has a total population of only 12,000, so Triple Threat is doing a lot with a little. There isn’t a swell of wrestlers to chose from in this small, family-oriented community, but as a totally nonprofit organization supported solely by supporters and volunteers, Triple Threat Wrestling is teaching young men and women with raw talent how to never give up and be the best person that they can be.

As Coach Hernandez, a former two-time Div. I - All American, puts it, “My goal as a coach is to teach my kids self-autonomy. People need to take responsibility for themselves. You can’t do it all; just don’t give up. There is no quitting!” The coaches accomplish all of this with a compelling family atmosphere of love and commitment. Just like a new car, Triple Threat Wrestling with its coaches, volunteers, and supporters have this team firing on all cylinders.

I posed a couple of the Triple Threat Wrestlers a few questions as well, and the following is a recap of what they expressed:

Ashton Allen age 10, said he has been wrestling for 4 years, and his goal is to get a state title. He says that his major strength is defense, and stated: “My most memorable win was when I pinned the Arizona State Champion; it impacted me by inspiring me to win more matches." When Ashton grows up he wants to be a professional athlete. Well, he is certainly off to a good start! Many eyes will be upon him as he wrestles at the Rocky Mountain Nationals March the 17th and 18th.

Brian Fernando Moreno age 8, states that he has been wrestling for 3 years, and his goal is to get physically and mentally stronger. When asked about his strengths, his answers were “brave and honest”! It sounds like he will make a great president one day! When asked about his most memorable win, Brian said, “My match against Ryker Bonforth at Shelly. He’s a great athlete, and we go back and forth during matches; he pushes me to become a better athlete." Brian says his heart pushes him, and that one day he would like to be a doctor.

Kayla Vail, wrestling 12-under, commented that she has been wrestling for two years now. She stated that her goal is “to try her best and do her best.” She strives to “cooperate” and is “pretty open to most new things.” That spirit of cooperation and open-mindedness will take her far in her chosen sport. She candidly said that, “I really honestly love this sport. I love that it is one-on-one. It drives me knowing that I am making a difference by wrestling. I’m helping to show other girls that wrestling is for us girls, too.”

Kayla’s very first match was her most memorable especially since she had only a few weeks of practice under her belt and it was on a very huge stage, the Rocky Mountain Nationals in Denver, Colorado. As a writer, I put myself in her shoes, and quite frankly, I felt intimidated as I felt like I was tossed into a deep end of a pool and told to learn to swim. However, Kayla was not daunted in her quest and won her very first match! She reflected, “It was super amazing because I was under the big lights, and I remember walking off the mat feeling like I was on top of the world!” Kayla’s story reminded me of “The Karate Kid."

I had goose bumps reflecting on the stories of these courageous young people! Great things are in store for this young club with all the quality people involved in their organization. Triple Threat will be taking their show on the road for their second tournament in its young history to the Rocky Mountain Nationals. RMN Events sees nothing but great things in store for Triple Threat Wrestling!