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Nor Cal Take Down: First RMN Team Appearance

By Steve McNulty, 03/07/18, 11:45AM MST


Northern California team looking forward to competition...

Nor Cal Take Down

Astonishing History with Remarkable Results   

Recently at the Rumble in Reno a team that since 2009 has been garnering attention throughout the youth wrestling world once again raised the eyebrows of coaches and wrestlers alike amidst some very tough competition winning championship belts and medals before they hit the road back to Northern California. I wanted to find out their recipe for success, so I asked some questions of Nor Cal Take Down's Head Coach Lim Prim.

Many people recognize the name of Lim Prim, not only from being the head coach at Grace Davis High School, but also from way back in his days as a venerable wrestling sensation both as a high school state champion as well as All-American status in two different highly respected college programs. Lim had developed some unconventional and unique techniques as a collegiate athlete. After his college days, Lim focused his attention on passing along his techniques while coaching young people in his youth wrestling program and at the high school level.

I asked Coach Prim to answer a few questions about his program and he provided me with the following answers:

Concerning his coaching staff, Lim stated that: “My room is full of talented coaches. Each of us has a different style for coaching and instruction. Technique is shown different ways. We recognize there are different styles to teach, and work well with one another.

Coach, what would you say are your top values as a successful wrestling team? 
                “I start with my coaching staff and find committed parents.  One of the keys to a successful program is finding the families who believe in you and your coaches. We teach discipline and the goal is to keep kids focused. We rotate technique, work all three styles and are always introducing something new. We recognize not every athlete learns the same way and not one thing motivates every athlete."

"Hard work is not an option, but occasionally after practice there is time to have fun.  As a coach, we connect with the kids and develop a trust/bond between each one, and they recognize we are there for them. Nonetheless, our parents are what makes us successful. It takes commitment from each of us. We are all a team. Family on 3!!”

What is the most important thing a coach can do to insure a young athlete to succeed both on the mat and in life in general?

“Teaching hard work, discipline and respect for the sport can help a child succeed. Build good core values, instill the fact that hard work pays off, and to never ever give up on goals. Those things carry over into life skills for a successful adult.” 

Think of a couple of your "stand-out" wrestlers; what is it in your eyes that makes them stand out?

“Those who stand out want to learn. They come early to practice and are the last to leave. They fall in love with the sport. Hard work and perseverance are mirrored by their success.” 

Great answers that reveal the heart and soul of Coach Prim, his coaches, wrestlers, and families. All of which constantly sacrificing in order make Nor Cal Take Down the quality wrestling program that it is today.  RMN Events look forward to seeing many wrestlers from this fine club putting it all down on the mats at the Rocky Mountain Nationals on March the 17th and 18th in Denver, Colorado.