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By Bill X. Barron, 01/08/18, 11:00PM MST


Hear From RMN Multiple Champions YOU Should Be Part of RMN Events!

By Bill X. Barron – RMN Events Writer

Rocky Mountain National Events is the nation’s leader in producing high quality national level youth wrestling competition in sixteen events over a span on nine months, with venues throughout the West involving competitors from over thirty states, including the 3400-participant Freak Show in Las Vegas and the 2500-wrestler RMN National Duals and Championships in Denver.  Read these quotes from RMN national champions to see why you should participate in the upcoming RMN Events!

Three-time world junior team member, Tracy G’Angelo Hancock of Colorado, got his start at RMN Events, where he won a middle school state championship.  “While growing up, Rocky Mountain National Events was the place to be, the big thing to win,“ says G’Angelo.  “Not only was RMN where I could get a huge trophy, but it also prepared me for the big stage.  I thank RMN for the opportunity to grow as a person.  RMN taught me to have a champion mindset, for which I am forever grateful.  Ultimately, I believe that the sport of wrestling helps you grow as an individual, boy or girl.  RMN provided me with that chance.”

In his own young life, Idaho’s 8-year old multiple national champion Boden Harker has learned:  “I believe that if you want something badly enough, you obtain it through dedication.  Some of my best friends are also my biggest competitors; iron sharpens iron.”  This belief in earning what you work for is why he values Rocky Mountain National Events:  “RMN brings the top competition, then rewards the wrestlers’ hard work with sweet trophies.”

A freshman Colorado freshman state champion and a 2017 Fargo Cadet All-American (2nd in freestyle and 3rd in Greco), Dominick Serrano learned to invite challenge through participating in RMN Events.  “I like the way that RMN keeps the tournaments running real smooth, even though they are not small.  I knew there could always be some kid who could pin me.”  RMN Events helped Dom stay humble: “I never placed when I was younger.  It gave me the idea of real competition, and it taught me to make the most of winning, to not take it for granted.”

For Texas’ Charlie Bergeson, who in 2017 was ranked #1 in the country by RMN Events, his Coach Michael Ross asserts:  “If we just attended local events, our kids would eventually wrestle themselves.  For us, RMN not only provides really great competition, but we also compete against kids we don’t see at other events.”

Though born without legs below his knees, Montana’s RJ Lowdog, a national Greco champion, says: “I have adapted to my situation because I like sports.  Opponents like wrestling me because they think it is going to be easy.  Then they find out that I work harder than they do.  I enjoy the element of surprise!”  One day, RJ dreams of being a Rocky Mountain Nationals champion.  He is also in pursuit of competing in the NCAA’s.  Afterward, with his prowess as a boxer, he could well compete as a mixed martial arts fighter.

Now a high school junior, two-time state champion Javier Tapia attests that RMN Events has had a crucial role in Javier’s development as a wrestler.  He says: “RMN brings in great competition from all over the country.  I love the great hardware and trophies as reward for all the hard work we put in.”

Utah’s Taylor Lamont, a four-time high school state champion and five-time world Greco team member, states that growing up “I loved going to RMN Events.”  He believes that “they are a ton of fun, with tough competition.  It was fun to travel all over, win big trophies, parade with the other champions.  Having fun is what makes kids fall in love with the sport.”

Twice a Golden Gear champion for winning six RMN tournaments in one season, Arizona’s 9-year old Wyatt Fry enjoys competing in RMN Events.  In his words: “RMN has the best awards of any tournament.  Laser lights and music make the tournaments really fun.  I look forward to competing against wrestlers from all over the country.  I love to run into friends from other states like Tommy Virette, the Lewis brothers, and Legend Ellis.”