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By Bill X. Barron, 10/26/17, 4:00PM MDT


Greatness Begins With Commitment

Always Choose the Hardest Partner

Young Wyatt Fry of Grindhouse (AZ) Is On the Path to Greatness

By Bill X. Barron

For 9-year old Wyatt Fry of Peoria, Arizona “wrestling has taught me that the hardest worker can achieve anything.”  Now in only his fourth year of competition, Wyatt has already twice earned the RMN Golden Gear, won his age group in the Rocky Mountain Nationals (Denver) two times, and received the RMN World Champion belt.

Wyatt trains with his father, Bret, and Coach LC Cain at the Grindhouse Club in Phoenix, where he says:  “I am very lucky to have some of the best training partners in the state.  They push me to work harder every day.”  Coach Cain started coaching Wyatt at age 5.  At first, Cain was hesitant as he had mostly worked with older kids.  But after he saw Wyatt’s dedication and effort, the youth movement in Grindhouse grew to 40.  Wyatt appreciates Cain because “I lost a few matches until he started coaching me.”

Already a five-time state youth champion, Wyatt travels all over the country competing in freestyle and Greco as well as folkstyle, earning the Triple Crown for both Arizona and the Western Region.  Still he knows he has far more to learn.  Wyatt states:  “I have learned that when I lose a match, I can go back home and work harder to learn where I need to improve.  In addition, I know that when I help my teammates get better, it can only help me to get better as well.”

Wyatt enjoys competing in RMN Events as “RMN has the best awards of any tournament.  Laser lights and music make the tournaments really fun.  I look forward to competing against wrestlers from all over the country.  I love to run into friends from other states like Tommy Verette, the Lewis brothers, and Legend Ellis.”  His father encourages Wyatt to also do activities together with his teammates such as hunting, fishing, and having weekend sleepovers.

As his father and coach, Bret leads by example.  In 2013, after several years away from competition, Bret won the USA Veterans Championship, then went on to place 5th in the World Championships held in Bosnia.  Reflecting on his own experiences, Bret comments:  “I remember the times with friends more than the trophies won.  I want Wyatt and his teammates to live in the moment, to appreciate traveling together.  At the same time, Wyatt needs to keep stepping outside his comfort zone.  And I need to learn not to put too much pressure on him to perform.”

Grindhouse has built its club success by recognizing excellence in all areas.  Wyatt is a top student and the coaches are proud that six wrestlers earned their way into college.  Coach Cain proclaims:  “We tell parents that medals and trophies will never go with their kids when they go to college.  All the success on the mat does not mean much if they don’t also excel academically.”

Wyatt advises young wrestlers to “be the hardest worker in your practice room.  Always pick the hardest partners who will push you to improve.”  Unselfishly, Wyatt already looks to the future – after winning a national and world championship, of course – where “I will always go back to teach clinics to kids about being good partners and wrestlers.  I would like them to know that when you are a good partner, you will get good partners in return.”

WYATT FRY AZ - 2016-2017 8U 70 lb Rocky Mountain Nationals winner and recipient of Golden Gear and World Championship Belt.