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DOMINICK SERRANO, WINDSOR-CO scores 2 points in Fargo Freestyle 2017 Cadet final against Ryan Sokol (MN). Sokol  prevailed for the title.

Xtreme Team Member Serrano Top in the Nation...

By Bill X. Barron, 08/21/17, 1:15PM MDT


CO State Champ Serrano Seeks Out the Best

Seeking the Best Opponent to Become the Best

Dominick Serrano – Windsor High (CO)

By Bill X. Barron, Associated Wrestling Press

“My favorite part is just learning about wrestling.  I work on not losing my cool or freaking out.  The harder and closer the match, the more I love it.  I want to give the crowd a good match.”  This perspective, that of Dominick Serrano – Windsor High’s (CO) freshman state champion – illustrates that he will just continue getting better, a scary thought for his opponents.  Rather than dodge those who might beat him, Dominick directly seeks out the best of the best, because he knows they will only make him better.

When he began wrestling at age five, it was all about the fun: “I loved going to practice and tournaments and spending time with my parents.”  While he has not lost the enjoyment of good competition, he knows that he now has to work harder to stay ahead of his opponents.  He says: “I take wrestling seriously, but still have fun so I don’t get tired of it.  The right mentality for me is to keep getting better, not allowing myself to get too cocky.”

Although Dominick first began to get noticed when he came out of nowhere in 8th grade to win Tulsa Nationals, he learned to invite challenge through participating in RMN Events.  “I like the way that RMN keeps the tournaments running real smooth, even though they are not small.  I knew there could always be some kid who could pin me.”  RMN Events helped Dom stay humble: “I never placed when I was younger.  It gave me the idea of real competition, and it taught me to make the most of winning, to not take it for granted.”

This past season, his freshman year at Windsor, Dominick went in with the belief that he could beat anyone.  Just as importantly, Dominick was focused on “not losing to someone that I knew I could beat.  Having regrets, that’s what hurts.”  Showing maturity, he knew that he was not going to change what he does best, but at the same time that “I could have my own style for each wrestler I faced.”

“What helped me out at State is that my coaches got me in great shape, ready to go all six minutes.  Coach (Monte) Trusty told me that the only one who could beat me was myself.  Coach (Ben) VomBauer (Bear Cave Club) helped me stay calm, so I didn’t let nerves get to me against older kids.  I knew I was the same weight and that was all that mattered.”  Traveling all over the country, “beating kids who might have been better than me, also prepared me for State,” says Dom.

Coach Trusty adds this about Dominick: “We are blessed to have Dom and his family as part of the program; all are incredible people.  We're also very excited to see Dom continue his upward growth as a wrestler and person.  I also hope he chooses to pursue the highest level goals our sport has to offer and have wrestling become his professional career, as there is no doubt that he was born to be on a mat!”  Dom also thanks his parents: “I couldn’t be more thankful – they are a big part of my heart – and they will always be there for me.  They are the best people I know.”

Using the combination of inner strength and not avoiding those who could beat him ultimately led to his first state title.  It also prepared Dominick for his success this summer at the Cadet National Championships in Fargo, where he showed his versatility in finishing 2nd in freestyle and 3rd in Greco.  He learned that by “wanting to be perfect, I didn’t do my best.  But I learned from my losses.  In God’s plan, if I lost, it was meant to teach me.”

In looking to the future, Dominick shares: “I am looking forward to taking one tournament at a time.  I want to be noticed, to be seen, and to do that I must keep training, keep giving it my all, to not have any regrets.  I want to wrestle and beat the best kids, kids who on paper might beat me.  I realize that I am going to have a target on my back this year.  Therefore, I have to get in great shape, to be prepared, to keep aiming for a similar outcome, and simply to keep improving.”

Serrano Congratulated By Windsor Coaches Monte & Milo Trusty

Serrano Congratulated By Windsor Coaches Monte & Milo Trusty

Serrano Scores Takedown in 2017 Fargo Freestyle Finals vs. Sokol (MN)

Serrano Scores Takedown in 2017 Fargo Freestyle Finals vs. Sokol (MN)

Center Stage, Fargo Cadet Freestyle Finals - Serrano (CO) vs. Sokol (MN)

Center Stage, Fargo Cadet Freestyle Finals - Serrano (CO) vs. Sokol (MN)

Serrano Won the 2016 UNC Xmas Classic As a Freshman

Windsor Freshman Serrano Won the All-Classification 2016 UNC Xmas Classic