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Only the Xtreme Rise Above

By AWP, 01/18/17, 11:30AM MST



At just 10 years old, the list of Jared’s accolades might be growing faster than he is!  Jarred lives in Georgia, but makes a point to only compete where the toughest wrestlers will be.  This results in quite a bit of traveling for the Blount family.  Already this year they have gone to Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and plan to travel to New Jersey later this season.  Jared Sr. says, “We would rather lose out of town, than win 100 times in GA,” because every event is a learning experience and a chance for improvement when you are competing against the best wrestlers there are.  Although for Jared, he is already at the top of the pack.  He took first place in all the tournaments he traveled to and got the All-American at the VAC Duals.  There were several wrestlers at Freak Show who had their sights set on beating him and this spirit of competition is what pushes all of these young wrestlers to continue to improve.

Wrestling isn’t Jared’s only focus though.  When fighting in a tournament one day he was spotted by Floyd Mayweather Sr. and invited to train with him at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas.  Jarred flies there to train and it is certainly paying off.  Having only been boxing for 2 years, Jared is already the #1 boxer in the world for his age and weight divisions and has won junior golden glove, ringside world, silver glove and the junior Olympics.  He just won at regionals and will compete at nationals in Kansas City in February.

It can be hard to juggle two sports, especially when competing at such a high caliber.  By carefully selecting which competitions they go to Jared Sr. tries to balance their schedule.  He also said that they “try not to take either sport too seriously.  When we are there, we’re competitive.”  They also keep their traveling fun and Jared’s favorite part is eating all the different food.  Jared wants to be a chef someday and he loves to watch “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” so they try to visit the restaurants that are featured on the show.  

Jared hasn’t wrestled since early December but his ultimate goal is to win Rocky Mountain National’s namesake event in Denver, CO and he will compete in Tulsa to “warm-up” for this competition.  While he trains in both sports, he trains more for boxing, which has helped lead to successes on the wrestling mat as well.  He uses a lot of boxing movement in wrestling; it throws people off since it’s not the normal movement that they are used to.

It’s not just by chance the Jared has achieved all that he has in just a few years.  It is through a lot of hard work.  Jared’s father says, “People don’t understand how hard he works and how dedicated he is.  He really puts the time and effort into it.  He loves boxing, likes wrestling, and prefers to cook over everything else.”  One thing is for sure, you haven’t seen the last of Jared Blount.  He is certain to continue making headlines be it on the mat, in the ring, or in the kitchen.

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