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High Hopes for Xtreme Team Incoming HS Freshman

By Associated Wrestling Press, 12/23/16, 12:30PM MST


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Dawson Collins is just 15 years old and a freshman in high school, but he is currently the top prospect to be Colorado’s next state champion and is well on his way to making that prediction a reality.  In addition to his high school wrestling, Dawson is a member of the Xtreme Team which gives him added experience and training opportunities.  He is already in the middle of a stellar wrestling season, taking second place at RMN’s Monster Match Nationals and also winning the Warrior in Grand Junction, a tough tournament that took place earlier this year.  At the Warrior in Grand Junction tournament, Dawson’s toughest match was his quarter final, during which he was down five-to-one.  In the third period of that match, Dawson said it seemed like there was “no way of coming back,” but by keeping his head in the game he was able to pull off the win.  Overall, Dawson says that those two-minute extra periods are always tough, but with good conditioning he is ready to go overtime, and will likely have to for his final matches.

When Dawson began high school, he realized that the competition was much tougher, and that he would need to get stronger and work on new techniques in order to succeed.  He mentioned that it feels good to be ranked so high as a freshman, but he is still working hard to keep improving.  He is currently in the 106-pound weight group, which had been difficult to maintain at first, but with some help from the holidays he has been able to keep his weight up and is now at 108 pounds.  He is also taking no breaks with his training, and even just completed a two-day wrestling camp with Joe LeBlanc.  

With all of his hard work and dedication, Dawson is feeling good and ready to face more competition.  He is hoping to peak just in time for the state competition, and seems to be on track to do so.  At States, Dawson sees his biggest competition as being Malik Heinselman, another wrestler in the 106-pound weight group who won last year’s state title and is currently ranked number one.  Dawson is not far behind at number three in the state of Colorado, and his current record is 15 and 0.

One of Dawson’s biggest supporters is his step-dad, Paul, who is extremely excited for Dawson and his team.  He loves to see Dawson compete and succeed, and admires his big heart and hard-working attitude.  Some of Dawson’s role models include wrestlers Matthew Gurule, Jacob Trujillo, and especially Jacob Seely.  Also according to Paul, there are several good wrestlers in Dawson’s division that he will need to get past in order to win the state title, including Malik Heinselman and Wyatt Yapoujian.  But even with the tough competition he will need to face, Paul believes that Dawson is right on pace to get where he needs to be to win.  He knows that no matter what, Dawson will work hard and do all he can to improve, and with the support of his coaches and family he is more motivated than ever.  Paul feels that Dawson is more than ready for the second half of the wrestling season, and his run for the state title will certainly be something to watch!

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