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Xtreme Team Wyatt Fry on the Rise

By AWP, 12/22/16, 12:00PM EST



Grandy Canyon Nationals, Fry Vs. Lewis Video:

Wyatt Fry is eight years old and already a champion wrestler currently preparing for RMN’s Who’s Bad? National Classic tournament in Denver, Colorado.  This will be Wyatt’s fourth RMN event just this season, and he plans to attend even more after that!  RMN events are perfect for Wyatt because they bring diverse and challenging competition for him to test his skills.  He also loves being on the Xtreme Pro Team and the great gear they give him to wear, as well as the belts and awards given at RMN tournaments. 

Wyatt’s favorite RMN event so far has been Grand Canyon Nationals, because it brought good competition close to home and he was able to beat a top-ranked wrestler there.  So far, his toughest opponent in the RMN event series has been Wyatt Lewis, an eight-year-old wrestler from Northern California.  In the end, Wyatt Fry was able to achieve his goal and win the match.  Currently, Wyatt has his sights set on Legend Ellis, whom he has not had a chance to face yet but he is ready for the challenge.

Wyatt’s ultimate goal for RMN events this year is to win the Ring of Fame award, and with four events already under his belt this season he is well on his way!  Namely, after Who’s Bad? Wyatt will be competing at the Terminator World Championships and Rocky Mountain Nationals in March.  Overall, his favorite part of wrestling is working with his dad to meet his goals.  His dad is also a champion wrestler and coach to his son, and Wyatt strives to be like him.

The Xtreme Pro Apparel team is a visionary idea for the sport of wrestling. The Xtreme Team is an exclusive sponsorship opportunity for amateur wrestlers to gain national attention, among many other tournament perks.

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