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Arizona State champ coming to Monster Match

By AWP, 10/07/16, 2:30PM EDT


Diego Guerrero

                  15-year-old Diego Guerrero has only been wrestling for three years, but he has already proved to be just as skilled as his teammates and competitors who have been training since they could walk.  He heard an announcement at school about wrestling tryouts when he was 12 years old, and he decided to just give it a try.  Now he is attending Walden Grove High School and training with the Tucson Cyclones in Tucson, Arizona.

                  Right from the beginning, Diego achieved amazing success in wrestling.  He won many firsts during his middle school career, including RMN’s Triple Crown when he was in eighth grade.  He also won 5th place and 6th place at his eighth grade Freestyle and Greco national competitions, respectively.  More recently, Diego had an amazing wrestling season during his freshman year of high school, going 55-1 and winning the Arizona state title.  He has also won RMN’s Terminator competition twice.  Currently, Diego is working towards winning RMN’s Freakshow tournament in Las Vegas.  He would also like to win the Arizona high school state title again this year.  As a long-term goal, Diego hopes to go to college for academics as well as for wrestling. 

                  Although he is not looking for any rivals, Diego is very excited to compete this season.  He has not yet had a chance to scope out the competition, but he is looking forward just to pushing himself to do his best and also to make others better.  Diego’s parents have always been big motivators of his, and he also gets great support from his coaches, who help push him to achieve what he is capable of.  This year, Diego is eager to compete and see how his hard work is paying off.  He especially enjoys RMN events because they are different from many of the other wrestling tournaments he attends, and they bring out a lot more kids.  He also likes to see how he compares to the other athletes and find out where he can improve.  With his outstanding determination and work ethic, it sounds like Diego is well-prepared for another tough wrestling season.