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By Russian Wrestling News, 05/31/16, 7:15PM EDT


(YAKUTSK, May 31)  Two times World Champion from Yakutsk – Viktor Lebedev, who won the Russia Wrestling Championship in 2016, refused to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

“Yes, I have decided that I will not compete (in the Olympics in Brazil),” – said Lebedev.

In an interview Lebedev confirmed unfair refereeing, that caused the boycott from the Dagestan wrestling team. The athlete noted that he lost in wrestling matches to the wrestler from Dagestan Ismail Musukaev and to the wrestler from Buryatia Alexander Bogomoev. “Professionally judging my matches with Musukaev and Bogomoevym, I say, in fact, I lost the matches. There were not such big errors, but the judge were dragging me from the loss unequivocally. That happens always in every region, when the local athletes are competing” – Victor Lebedev said.

“Even if I will be standing on a pedestal with the gold medal [at the Olympics in Rio], I will not have such big emotions. I will not enjoy it so much that I have fulfilled my dream – Olympic gold. The pellet of what had happened will be on the soul “- he added.

Lebedev said that he understands the position of the Dagestan wrestling team and the athletes who have decided not to continue the championship. At the same time he called unacceptable behavior of Musukaev on the wrestling mat.

Lebedev, the two-time world champion and six-time champion of Russia, defeated Alexander Bogomoev from Buryatia in the final match at the 57 kg weight category. However, due to the errors made by the judges, the jury decided to give to gold medals at this weight category.

In the quarter-finals match at the 57kg  weight category Ismail Musukaev from Dagestan wresteled against Victor Lebedev. The victory was awarded to the local wrestler, therefore causing the scuffle on the mat involving the special security force.

Dagestan team had protested bout result. As a result three arbitrators serving the match were suspended. The result of the wrestling match was decided not to be changed. The wrestling team from the Republic of Dagestan quit the Russia Wrestling Championships 2016 in a protest against the incorrect refereeing. That day, six wrestlers from Dagestan wrestling team did not come out on the mat in the quarterfinal bouts of the tournament. Victory was awarded to their opponents.

Russian Championship, one of the key tournaments in the selection for the Olympic Games 2016, held in the capital of Yakutia from 27 to 29 May. The prize fund of the competition was 264 thousand US dollars.

The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will be held from 5 to 21 August.

Video: Russia Wrestling Championships 2016 Finals Match at 57kg: Victor Lebedev vs Alexander Bogomoev