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What Comes My Way: Co'ji Campbell WI

By Bill X. Barron, 10/31/19, 1:45AM MDT


USA's Best in 12U Tackles 15U!

Co’Ji Campbell WI

“Life Can Be Way Harder Than Sports”

By Bill X. Barron, RMN Events Writer

Although he finished the 2018-19 season as the No. 1-rated 12-&-under 70-pounder for both RMN Events and World of Wrestling, Wisconsin’s Co’ji Campbell attributes his overall go-get-‘em attitude to a fundamental belief that “life can way harder than sports. I just stay calm, cool and collected.”

Co’ji acknowledges that he is more mature than his peers. “I’ve always been taught to give the best that I can. Whatever comes my way, I can handle it, strive for it, and achieve it through discipline and hard work. I can’t rely upon anyone else to do it for me.”

Whether aiming for straight A+’s in school, or developing the skills to eventually become an organization’s CEO, Co’ji learned from his father Cherry that “if you train hard, you can eventually accomplish anything.” What’s most important, he asserts, is to “be who you are. Each of us is unique.”

Coached by his dad and Derrick Noble in his Toss ‘Em Up Academy, Co’ji is indeed his own coach come mat time. “Dad doesn’t have to coach me. I hear him in my head: ‘Do what you got to do.’ He frees me up to be creative or to change tactics if something is not working.”

Co’ji believes his success begins with maintaining his stance and continues by remaining committed to combination grappling. “If it doesn’t work, I go to back-up plans two and three. If I begin with a double, and he counters, I reset by pushing out. When he comes back, I ankle pick out the gate.”

The first time he wrestled Utah’s highly-ranked Dillon Ivie last season, he managed a 1-0 victory. When they met again in the 83-lb. finals of the October 2019 RMN Cosmic Clash, “I kept in contact and took more shots,” resulting in a 12-3 major decision for the Wisconsin wrestler.

Despite his competitive nature on the mat, off the mat Co’ji greets all with an engaging smile and an egalitarian approach. Humble and outgoing, yet focused and intense, he believes that “character means treating others with respect, just as I would want to be treated.”

While he has traversed the country competing in tournaments everywhere, Co’ji proclaims: “RMN is the best thing I have done in forever. It’s fair and fun, with lots of bright lights, even glow-in-the-dark singlets. It’s amazing! I just love the awards, especially the Golden Gear.”

Co’ji particularly looks forward to RMN’s Marvel-themed events. His favorite Superheroes are The Avengers and Thor. “Thor is not only a beast, the strongest around, but he also relies on his mind, such as rebuilding a whole new weapon after his sister destroyed it.”

Through Thor, Co’ji could just as well be metaphorically describing his singularly unique approach to a wrestling match. “I love being the star of the show. But being the best only shows me that I could go further than I thought I could. After I win, the message from both coaches is to ‘keep working’.”

15U 83 lbs. – Co’ji Campbell – Toss ‘Em Up Academy (IL)

  • Coached by Cherry Campbell & Derrick Noble
  • 11X RMN National Champion 2018-19
  • 2019 Tulsa Nationals & Reno World Champion
  • 2019 USA Wrestling Folkstyle National Champ
  • 2019 RMN Ring of Fame & Golden Gear Award Winner
  • 2019 Runner-Up USA Freestyle Nationals
  • 2019 World All-Star Team
  • Ranked #1 in Both RMN & World of Wrestling National Rankings