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Learn About Yourself: Grayson Fuchs MI

By Bill X. Barron, 10/31/19, 1:30AM MDT


Super 32 Champ Comes West to RMN!

Grayson Fuchs MI

Learn All You Can About Yourself

By Bill X. Barron, RMN Events Writer

For Grayson Fuchs of Michigan’s Burnett Trained Wrestling Academy, “wrestling has molded me into a better person. It pushes me to work harder, to earn good grades, to help me get along with friends.’

“Wrestling also conditions me for other sports.” Grayson is a wide receiver, running back, and linebacker in football and plays shortstop, 2nd base, and catcher in baseball. Just the same, he is considering specializing in wrestling and earn a Division I scholarship to the University of Michigan.

For six years, Grayson has trained with Scotty Burnett, who emphasizes the basics “to build muscle memory. Every couple of practices we learn something new. I know what I need to work on, then I go over it again until I can’t get it wrong, so I will perform well in matches, especially those that go back and forth.”

Early on, “I was shy and scared going into matches. As I grew older, I became more confident. You have to remain calm and try your best. There are life lessons to learn. My parents are proud of me no matter how I finish.”

In Grayson’s eyes, “wrestling is about facing adversity,” whether it’s against an opponent, a situation, or one’s environment. “What’s important is what you learn about yourself.”

Professionally, Grayson would like to be an architect. “I like drawing pencil sketches of people and animals.” He also draws Superheroes and sometimes creates his own. That puts him on track to earn Marvel-themed Superhero awards and gear in Arizona, Iowa, and Nebraska.

Grayson commends his practice partner Grey(ton) Burnett. “He’s the best training for me as he drills really hard, pushing me to my best every practice. Sometimes the coach calls on us to demonstrate moves to the younger and older wrestlers.”

Mother Sarah admires Grayson for being the “hardest worker in the whole world. He is not a follower; he’s unafraid to stand out. Though he has experienced winning and losing, he remains focused and determined. In baseball, his coach calls on him in stressful situations like pitching in the 9th inning.”

12U 78 lbs. – Grayson Fuchs – Burnett Trained Wrestling Club (MI)

  • Coached in the Monster Dual by Tod Fuchs & Vic Villasenor
  • USA Folkstyle Nationals Runner-Up
  • All-American Duals: National Middle School, Grand River Rumble, American Pride, & NUWAY Nationals
  • 2019 Central Regional Freestyle Champion
  • 2X Trinity Award Winner 2016, 2018
  • 2018 Pre-Season Nationals Champion
  • 2017 Super 32 Champion
  • Michigan State Champ: 4X Folkstyle, 2X Freestyle