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Be the Best Me: Revin Dickman IN

By Bill X. Barron, 10/30/19, 12:30AM MDT


Tulsa & Reno Champ Takes on RMN!

Revin Dickman (IN)

‘Be the Best Me’

By Bill X. Barron, RMN Events

With many opportunities before him to travel not only the country but also the world, Revin Dickman of the Contenders Wrestling Academy (Indiana), at age 12, has just returned from Hungary and Croatia on his 4th international wrestling and cultural expedition.

Not only is the experience of culture distinct, but Revin also “enjoys the different practice style. Over there we trained with a focus on technique, not on just beating an opponent. I like getting the feel of my partner instead of going hard. We learned the sport from each other.”

Revin continues: “We drilled a lot of hand fighting. They taught me a better way to set up my shots. Because I was not going hard all the time, I was a better partner. By not focusing on myself, I could help them get better.”

Now in his 8th year of wrestling, Rev’s favorite style is freestyle. “It helps me learn different technique. It teaches me to be more aware because the dynamics are different.”

Revin most looks forward to tournaments, as he can “see myself getting better.” Afterward, Revin watches film, then works on what needs to be improved in practice.

“Wrestling has turned me into a man. It teaches me to work hard and to not give up. I know that I want to be the best that I can, be the best me, no matter where it gets me.”

Rev advises younger wrestlers to “keep doing it, even when you are not winning. I chose partners who could beat me, so I could focus on getting better. Like one of my first partners at age 7, I caught up to and passed him.”

His coaches at Contenders, Ryan Parrish and Matt Clark, “showed me what it means to be a wrestler. They taught me that you are who you are off the mat is who you are on the mat. You have to be a good person by helping others, not by putting others down.”

For Rev, RMN Events will be a new experience. “I am happy that I heard of them, especially as they are in a different part of the country.

When he is not wrestling, Revin “really likes to draw, especially animals.” His favorite implement is a pencil.

For this talented, world-experienced young man his future is an unfinished canvas on which his life is just beginning to illustrate a rewarding personal journey. On and off the mat, Revin is a person to follow.

15U 74 lbs. – Revin Dickman – Contenders Wrestling America (IN)

  • Coached in the Monster Dual by Aaron Dickman & Ben Barrows
  • 2017 Tulsa Nationals, Reno Worlds Champion
  • Tulsa Kick-Off 2nd Place
  • 2018 Tulsa Kick-Off 2nd, Tulsa Nationals 3rd Place
  • 2018 USA Folkstyle Nationals 3rd Place
  • 2018 Schoolboy National Duals: Greco (8-0), Freestyle (7-2)
  • State Champ: 4X Folkstyle, 4X Freestyle, 5X Greco

4X Indiana State Triple Crown Winner

Schoolboy National Duals - Freestyle & Greco