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Nikki Moore KS: Drive to Be My Best!

By Bill X. Barron, 10/27/19, 11:30PM MDT


Nation's #2 116-Pounder in Monster Match

Nikki Moore – Kansas ‘Maize’

Competitiveness and the Drive to Keep Improving

My dad got me into wrestling because I struggled with my confidence when I was younger. When I first started wrestling, I actually lost every match for the first two years. It was hard, but I really enjoyed wrestling so I stuck with it and that eventually got me to where I am today. It taught me that you have to push through when things get hard or you’ll never know how good
you could have been. It taught me not to leave the “what if’s” out there.

My parents have always played a big part in my wrestling. My dad got me into it and has been coaching me ever since. He has helped me stay in the sport when I struggled and when so many quit, because he made me understand it’s not always about the wins and losses. If I put in the work and give 100% effort every time, then the rest will take care of itself in time. My mom is my cheering section and works with me more off the mat helping me plan my meals and keeping my training schedule straight. I couldn’t have gotten this far without them.

My dad is probably the coach who’s been with me the longest and he’s definitely had a big impact on my wrestling. He believed in me when I lost and pushed me through the hard practices. I owe a lot to him. I’ve had so many other coaches that have gone above to. Whether it was opening up the room to train in the off-season or inviting me to practices when I wasn’t even a part of their club. I would not be as successful without the efforts of everyone who took the time to work with me. And I’m so thankful they did.

My brothers have helped me to open up my wrestling style. They allow me to always have a partner on hand when I want to try out a new move. They also wrestling differently than I do; they scramble and move a lot more, whereas I like to use a more defensive style. Practicing with them lets me work on moving more. I got lucky with my teammates, too. If I hit them up to go on a run or roll around in the practice room they’re always up for it. They make even tough training more fun.

Wrestling has given me a competitiveness and a drive to do my best. It also instilled in me the value of hard work and respect for my coaches. I carry these things over into the classroom; I want to be the best and I work hard to accomplish this. Now I have a 4.0 GPA which qualifies me for a lot of college scholarships.

RMN Events are really fun to go to and they do a lot of preseason stuff, so even kids who compete in high school have the chance to go. They always have cool themes and awards which brings in good and different competition. It’s really fun to get to go up and see all the different wrestlers from all over.

I plan to wrestle in college. I have verbally committed Baker University and will sign in November. My goals are to get a few national titles while I'm there and compete for the World Team and the Olympics before I retire to coach. After Baker, plan to attend Washburn to become a lawyer and open up my own firm.

I’ve played a lot of sports and wrestling is by far the most physically and mentally demanding. It is going to be hard at times. However, if you are able to push through it, it will be worth it. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t see kids still competing as they get older. The ones who stay with it end up loving the sport.

Wrestling is probably one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. However, the feeling you get when you accomplish one of your goals or win a hard match is incomparable. It is one of the few sports where you compete as an individual yet still rely on a team. You go out on the mat and compete with the outcome all on your shoulders. But you have a team to pick you up after a hard loss and celebrate your wins. Your team is also the ones you train with and who make you better. It’s the best and hardest thing out there.

Wrestling made a big difference in my life. It helped me to be healthier, grow my confidence, make friends, and be a more successful person. I want to pass that on to other girls. I plan to open up my own training center. I also want to set up an after school program where girls can come in and work on homework, with the help of tutors . Then they can train in wrestling, self-defense, and needanother physical training of their choice. I will want to work with them on setting up healthy eating habits. I want to help them to be successful wrestlers AND successful people in all aspects of their lives.

Wrestling has meant that I’m able to stand up for myself and be more successful. It has given me confidence, allowed me to push myself to my limits, caused me to be healthier, and instilled a drive to be successful. It has taken a shy, chubby, quiet, little girl and turned me into the outgoing, hardworking, athletic, and successful person I am today.

Nichole Moore – Kansas: Highlight Accomplishments

  • USAW Women's Nationals OKC – 2019 3rd in Jr.   /   2017 - 2nd in Jr & 2nd Cadet   /   2018  5th in Jr - 7 X All American
  • US Marine Corps Nationals -Fargo, ND – 2019 3rd Jr. Div. 112lb All American / 2017 Double All American - 5th in Cadet & 7th in Jr Div
  • Adidas Nationals - 4 x Champion and 5 x All American
  • USAWKS - Girls State - 8 x Champion
  • War of the Roses Series - 6x Champion
  • Monster Match – Denver CO – 3 x Champion
  • Body Bar Women's Nationals, Irving TX - 4 x All American - 2018 7th place
  • Viperpit Nationals - West Virginia – 2018 Champion
  • Qualified for USAWKS Boys State - twice
  • Outstanding High School Wrestler – 2017 Garden Plain / 2018 Halstead
  • 2019 Girls High School State Champion 106lb
  • Team Kansas Dual Teams 4 years

Iowa Duals

Fargo Freestyle Nationals 2019 – Jr. 3rd

USAW Women’s Nationals OKC 2019 – Jr. 2nd