It is privilege and honor that RMN Events offers up a true one-state champion event. We believe we have heard from the Colorado wrestling community who have long desired to have a state tournament that exemplifies unity and support to crown one-statechampion in the K-5th grade elementary division. 

Our goals are to bring the state together and with that in mind, we will work hard to meet the expectations of the wrestling community. 

We are proud to announce a qualifying Regional and those that qualify for the Colorado Super State will wrestle FREE!

Each Champion will receive a Custom Championship Belt and a Custom Colorado Singlet.

The finals will be at the same time as the Middle School State Championships with the same production capturing a memorable weekend that will offer a lasting impression and unforgettable recognition. 

We hope you look forward to the Colorado Super State Championships and enjoy it as much as we plan to.the


Adam Gutierrez
RMN Events