Special Awards may be affected by Freakshow & Cosmic

Because wrestlers were allowed to compete at the age they were on the day of the Freakshow and Cosmic, the eligibility of these two events to be considered may have been affected: 

Age Group Cut-Off Date

  • For RMN Events, the established date for the age group cut-off is January 1st.
  • COSMIC CLASH & FREAK SHOW ONLY:  If you are the age of your classification ON THE DAY OF WEIGH-INS, you may enter in the class for which your age qualifies you. 
    • For Example:  If you are 10 on the day of weigh-ins, you may compete in the 10-&-Under Division.

Special Award Age Group Considerations

  • To be eligible for the special awards, you must compete in the age group for which the January 1st age group cut-off date qualifies you.
    • For Example:  If you are 10 as of the Cosmic Clash and/or Freak Show, but you will be 11 as of January 1st, ONLY those matches competed in the 12-&-Under Division will count for special award considerations.