All Wrestling on Thursday, Friday & Saturday are on the Broadway Pier - Only Finals on the USS Midway Museum

Click HERE to register for Team Duals 08/01/2019

Click HERE to register for Individual Folkstyle 08/02-03/2019

Click HERE to register for Individual Freestyle 08/01/2019

D-Day on the Midway - August 1, 2, 3, 2019 at Broadway Pier

Folkstyle Registration: $65.00 
Freestyle Registration: $50.00
$15 Discount for Both = $100

NOTE: If you would like your competitors name on the back of a t-shirt please register before July 29th!

Teams Boys: (Folkstyle)
       High School $500
       Middle School: $650
       Elementary: $500      
Teams Girls: $350 (High School & Middle School)

Weigh-ins -  Wednesday - July  31, 2019 - On Broadway Pier
                 Duals - Thursday - August 1, 2019
                 Freestyle - Thursday - August 1, 2019
(Only weigh-in once for the entire weekend)

Weigh-ins - Thursday - August 1, 2019 - On Broadway Pier
                  Folkstyle - FRI/SAT  

Broadway Pier (All wrestling on Thu, Fri & Sat)
1000 North Embarcadero
San Diego, CA 92132

USS Midway Museum  (Only Finals on USS Midway)
910 N Harbor Drive 
San Diego, CA 92101

20 Mats of competition, don't miss out!

Custom USS Midway Commemorative 4-inch Medal 1st - 6th
Outstanding Wrestlers Awards for Each Division
Commemorative Team Banner for Dual Team Champions 1st - 4th

Registration Changes:

RMN Event's new tournament registration system now allows registrants the convenience of making weight changes for registered wrestlers up until the registration deadline. You must use the password you registered with, and the invoice number you received at the time you registered, in order to access your registration.  

Laser Lights will be part of the Finals Ceremonies.



See complete guidelines, weight classes, and forms at HOME PAGE > RULES.

WEIGH-IN ATTIRE – Boys & Girls

  • Wear your wrestling gear – either a singlet or a two-piece compression shirt and shorts without pockets.
  • Do not report in underwear or a sports bra!
  • BOYS: Remove your singlet straps or take off the two-piece shirt for skin check. Replace to weigh in.
  • GIRLS: Leave your singlet or two-piece uniform in place for skin check. Do NOT remove your straps.

NEW NFHS UNIFORM GUIDELINES: " All contestants wearing a one-piece singlet shall wear a suitable undergarment that completely covers the buttocks and groin area. Female wrestlers wearing a one-piece singlet shall wear a form-fitted compression undergarment that completely covers their breasts."

SAVE TIME - Clip your fingernails in advance! Nails should be short enough to not be felt when you push in on each finger end. If you have an active skin condition, download and bring the signed & dated doctor form to weigh-ins.

Wrestlers are not allowed to perform weight loss activities anywhere in the weigh-in or mat area. To do so may jeopardize your participation in the event.

No Food or Drink allowed on Pier or USS Midway


Jarod Benrud WI - D-Day Official