We will take more individual wrestlers to fill spots on current line-ups. Please show up directly at weigh-ins 7:00 a.m. on Friday.

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Team Kansas Blue

Team Kansas brings us (2) top high school teams from the state of Kansas. You shouldn't be surprised seeing 3 and 4-time state champions representing the reigning dual champs! (See 2019 Blue & Red line-ups attached in the right column.)

The teams are made up of individuals that finish in the Kansas state tournament and of course criteria is kept at a high standard with what ends up being stacked dual teams from that star studded state.

No need to spend $1,000's of dollars flying across the country! You will get a promise from us that you will get the best at the RMN Duals. The  entire 2-teams from Kansas also compete the following two-days at the BIG Rocky Mountain Nationals ... enjoy and bring your best game. 

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Kansas Red

Kansas Red is another top level team that will test your talent. By no means is it a less quality team, you can only place 14 wrestlers on one roster, so the two teams are stacked. You may get through one, however, many find it tough to get through both Kansas teams with a double win.


Winner of the 2019 Arizona State High School Championships, this year's team was undefeated in duals and tournaments. This legendary program has won 32 of the past 40 AZ state championships. Their top wrestlers have gone on to win NCAA and international titles. (See article.)

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Team Texas High School

Takedown Elite representing Texas brings all the wrestlers studs from the El Paso area. The Texas team took 2nd in the dual team competition last year and is gearing up for the next step on the podium in 2019.

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Takedown Elite Middle School

Takedown Elite is not only packed with top Texas high school studs but 2019 will highlight their middle school program. Look for them to light up the dual team competition. 

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Team Michigan

Team Michigan has been in the plans for nearly 4 years. Well, 2019 brings is the year it's happening. 21-top middle school wrestlers make up the Great Lakes team and will be ready for the challenge.

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Young Guns NM

Young Guns - Socorro, New Mexico. Coach Joel Partridge influence as youth coach propelled his strong middle school team and christened the Socorro High School with its first high school team.  (See article.)

Coach Partridge will use his influence to gather top talent from his area and bring his Young Guns ready for battle on the mats at RMN.

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Young Guns NM - Middle School

Young Guns - Socorro New Mexico - the Socorro Middle School team hits the mats with it's first visit to the RMN Duals. Excited to see the talent from the southern part of New Mexico joining the competition for the second year.

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Team Stout

Team Stout - Farmington, New Mexico. Coach Levi Stout brings his outstanding team from the 4-corners of New Mexico. Many remember coach Stout's dominant run while at Piedra Vista High School. His high school team featured the top talent in the entire state of New Mexico. Now Coach Stout will bring his talented teams to the Dual's and you will witness why they reigned on top. 

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Team New Mexico

Team New Mexico will feature an all star team from the Albuquerque area. Many high school state champions are expected to represent the star studded team. 

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Team New Mexico Middle School

Team New Mexico - Middle School team will be one team that may surprise all at the duals. Some of these 8th grade wrestlers are tough enough to make the high school teams. 

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Team Montana

Team Montana, now this is a team that will light up the dual team day. Joining the RMN Dual team for the second year, they will bring it all and they will be ready to meet the challenge. 

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Windsor Middle School

Windsor Middle School has been a force in the Colorado Middle School State tournament.  In 2018, Windsor won Colorado State Championships at both the middle and high school levels. Coach Gary Mauch continues to nurture his middle school team before sending them off into the high school ranks. We are expecting Windsor Middle School to test all the top middle school teams at the dual competition.

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POWA High School Team

POWA - Pueblo, Colorado. This will potentially be the ringer in the dual team competition. If POWA is able to group all that talent in the high school division, look out! This could be the one to watch out for!

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POWA - Pueblo, Colorado. Yes this team will bring it's Pueblo stars and since losing by one point to Montana in the 2017 middle school duals, the POWA team has regrouped to become a force in Colorado. 

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Duran Wrestling Club

Duran Wrestling Club, what Coach Duran does in Pueblo, Colorado is testament to all in the sport of wrestling. His entire dedication is to his program and to his athletes. We look forward to having Duran W/C team to the RMN Duals.

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Team Nebraska

Team Nebraska has been one of the top team in the duals over the past 5 years. Nebraska also gathers up their state champions and halls them to Colorado for the RMN Dual's

We expect 2 teams as they normally come in with loads of talent spread amongst two Nebraska dual teams. 


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