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New to RMN Events?

How to get started with RMN Events

How to get started at an RMN Event


Registering – Find the tournament page for the tournament that you want to attend. Click the link to register and follow the registration process. Please keep in mind if you have a wrestler in the middle of a growth spurt we offer weight insurance so you won’t have to pay to re-register if you do not make the pre-registered weight. In cases that the event is not sold out, we will offer registration at weigh-ins with a $15 late fee.


Weigh-ins  - Once you arrive to weigh-ins, please be aware of the time your age group is weighing in. There will be buckets divided up by age groups. Please note: all rookies and opens have there own buckets. If you are wrestling in both rookie and regular division, both weigh in cards will be stapled together at the rookie bucket. Find your age group and tell the RMN Events representative your weight and name. If you cannot find your weigh in card, or have not registered, please see the new registration/bracket change table. If you are not in the right weight or division, please take the incorrect weigh in card and bring it to the new registration/bracket change table. Once you receive your weigh in card go to the weigh in area, check your weight at the check scale before you step on the official scale.

Please note: if you are over weight at the official scale you will have to pay the re-registration fee if you cut the weight or move up. You will receive 3 tries to make weight and may challenge 3 different scales. Once in the weigh in area, you may not leave to cut weight. Once you make weight, leave your weigh in card with the RMN Events representative in exchange for a wristband.

Please note: if you leave with your weigh in card, you will not be entered into the event. Brackets will be posted by 7am the following day. If you have any bracketing issues, all bracket changes will have to be done by 8am


All passes – Coaches bands will be available to purchase on leading up to the event. If you PRE register 5 wrestlers you will receive one complimentary coaches band. You will be able to pick up your free/pre-sold coaches band at weigh ins. You may also buy all spectator and coaches band the day of the event. In most cases bands are pre-sold at weigh ins. Kids 4 and under are free.


Tournament day – Once you arrive at the event, please check your brackets. All brackets are subject to change leading up to 9am. Once you find your bracket, look in the upper right hand corner and it will tell you what mat you are wrestling on. Find a spot that has a good view of the mat, you will wrestle there all day. Once you locate your wrestler on the bracket there will have a number next to the wrestlers name. That is the match number that your wrestler will be up. Please be down by your mat at least 2 matches before to receive your ankle band. If your competitor is not by your mat to be staged, he will get 3 calls from the announcer before he is scratched from that match. All wrestle backs are already scheduled on the bracket and will wrestle unless the wrestlers have already wrestled each other. If you are double bracketed you forfeit any rest time. If you are scheduled to wrestle on both brackets at the same time, notify one of the tables your situation and they will push back one match until you are done, but you will have to go immediately to that table and check in after your match is complete.


Medical trainers are always present. Should an injury occur, please locate the medical training station at the beginning of the tournament. 


Should you have a problem with an officials call during a match, you have the right to challenge that call. Please note: if the match is complete and you do not agree with the official’s call you may ask to have the head official final decision. You will need to tell the table help to send a message to the head table requesting the head official to that mat. Once you leave the mat all calls are final.



Awards -  Once you are done competing for the day, awards are available to pick up as soon as your placement match is complete. Once you get to the awards table tell the RMN Events representative your age, weight, and your name. Once you receive your award you are free to leave.