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    Rocky Mountain National Events (RMN Events) is a youth sports organization serving athletes across the nation. We provide the opportunity for athletes to participate in wrestling championships which encourages their development not only as athletes, but as students as well. Involvement with sports in general has been shown to increase youth self-esteem, confidence, and social skills. Our championship events are listed in our calendar; we welcome new athletes all the time, as well as spectators. We invite you to get involved with us:  help Inspire, Encourage & Recognize the future leaders of our great nation!

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    To place the spotlight on Western wrestling talent of all ages, RMN Events and WIN Magazine have agreed to a monthly feature page where we will highlight accomplished wrestlers from every Western state.  These features may include wrestlers who have overcome certain challenges, made a specific contribution to the community, exhibited courage, or acted in the best interests of others.

                There are two ways in which coaches, parents, or readers of the RMN Events site can contribute:

    1. Send the name, team, state, and age of any wrestler you believe worthy of mention.
    2. Write your own short piece describing a wrestler worth highlighting.  Write in as much detail as possible, but know there will have a word limit when we write the final piece.

    For either contribution, include these details where possible:

    • Your name and contact information, as well as your relationship to the featured wrestler. (coach, parent, family member, team member, club member, etc.).
    • Contact information (email, phone) for the wrestler’s coach and parents.
    • Descriptive information or anecdotal accounts specific to this individual.
    • List or summary of the individual’s major accomplishments in wrestling.
    • Describe where this person has exhibited character or shown courage on or off the mat.
    • Add any details about this wrestler’s academic scholarship or community service.
    • If you have 1-3 high-resolution, close-up action pictures, include these with the email.

    Send your suggestions and write-ups to Bill X. Barron:


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