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Freak Show

The Registration "Freak Show" is not currently available.


Age Group Cut-Off Date:  For RMN Events, the established date for the age group cut-off is January 1st.  For the Cosmic Clash (9/30/17) and Freak Show (10/21-22/17) ONLY, wrestlers may enter the age group for which they qualify ON THE DAY OF WEIGH-INS.

For Example:  If you are 10 as of the Cosmic Clash and/or Freak Show, but you will be 11 as of January 1st, ONLY those matches competed in the 12-&-Under Division will count for special award considerations.

NOTE:  To be eligible for the special awards, you must compete in the age group for which the January 1st age group cut-off date qualifies you.


Three thousand top-flight wrestlers come to Las Vegas this October hailing from 35 states; likewise, the officials who come from a record 17 states have quite their own resume.  For 2017, the 43 referees come from:  Arizona (4), California (8), Colorado (10), Florida (1), Georgia (1), Idaho (1), Iowa (1), Illinois (1), Indiana (3), Minnesota (1), New Jersey (3), Nevada (4), North Carolina (1),  Ohio (2), Utah (1), Washington (1), and Wisconsin (1).  They all come with impressive resumes; read about them on the “Officials” Page under their state tabs.

Captain U

CaptainU provides online player profiles to increase exposure to college coaches!

CaptainU will provide free player profiles and free access to their online software to help all attending athletes maximize their exposure and college coaches find the ideal athlete at the upcoming event. Click on the links below to get setup for the event.



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